AIIA has one of its best and largest setup of Kriya kalpa facilities. Vast and fully equipped kriya kalpa theatre is on the first floor of the five storied centrally air conditioned hospital. There is special set up for procedures for routine opd patients and indoor patients. Standard level of hygiene and quality of treatment is assured throughout the kriya kalpa procedures along with special care and specific food (Pathya) is provided during the treatment. Kriya kalpa procedures like tarpana, putpaka, seka ,aschyotana, anjana, pindi and vidalaka are being done in various eye related disorders. Kriya Kalpa is done in very common eye problems like myopia, hypermetropia, astigmatism, squint and for disorders like computer vision syndrome. Specific treatment for various retinal disorders like night blindness, armd, glaucoma diabetic retinopathy etc is being provided in kriyakalpa with satisfactory results.

Well trained and experienced therapists conduct the procedures under the direct supervision and directions of specialists of shalakya. Highly advanced instruments are available for diagnosis along with fully developed eye unit, ENT unit. Dental setup is also available for diagnosis and treatment related to teeth etc. Fully automated instruments and most advanced technology keeping intact age old principles of Ayurveda are the uniqueness of country’s premier institute.


Kshara Sutra (Specialised medicated thread) therapy is one of the parasurgical techniques described in Ayurvedic classics & is considered as an important pillar of Ayurvedic Surgery. Department of ShalyaTantra at All India Institute of Ayurveda is centre of excellence for treating Ano- rectal diseases. Our dedicated and specialised team is successfully treating patients of various diseases like Fistula-in-ano, Haemorrhoids, Pilonidal Sinus etc. by Kshara Sutra therapy. Kshara Sutra causes minimal tissue damage as it simultaneously acts by gradual and sustained chemical debridement of the debris and healthy granulation tissue formation. The advantage of this therapy is that it is a simple, minimally invasive, does not require hospitalisation and patient can resume his/her daily routine activities within a day. This technique is also very cost effective and has high success rate & practically negligible recurrence rate. It is safe even in patients who are not fit for surgery e.g. Diabetics, Cardiac patients, Hypertensive patients, Elderly patients etc.