Services proposed to be offered at AIIA

1. Clinical pathology, which includes:
a. Clinical Microbiology: This section will encompass five different units - bacteriology, virology, parasitology, immunology, and mycology.
b. Clinical Chemistry: Instrumental analysis of blood components, enzymology and endocrinology.
c. Hematology: This section consists of automated and manual analysis of blood cells. It will include two subunits - Coagulation and Blood Bank.
d. Reproductive biology: Semen analysis will be initially started. Sperm bank and assisted reproductive technology may be developed further in future.

2. ECG
3. X – ray
4. Ultrasonography (USG)
5. CT Scan
6. MRI
7. Bone densitometry
8. Twenty – four hours laboratory services – A small section of lab working in accordance with I.C.U and O.T. requirements.


The laboratory is in the process of NABH accreditation.